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How To Use Carpet Tape : Consumer Reports Carpet Cleaning Machines.

How To Use Carpet Tape

how to use carpet tape

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how to use carpet tape - Optimum Technologies

Optimum Technologies 2525A-6TR Rug Gripper Non-Slip Rug Tape

Optimum Technologies 2525A-6TR Rug Gripper Non-Slip Rug Tape

Never worry about wrinkled rugs and mats again. Enjoy a neat appearance and make vacuuming easier with Rug Gripper the revolutionary nonslip product that is safe and easy to use on all floor surfaces, including carpet. The secret of Rug Gripper is a patented technology that keeps your rugs and mats from slipping and sliding across the floor. It releases quickly when lifted up, allowing you to easily reposition your rugs. Rug Gripper eliminates the need for expensive rug pads. 2 1 2'' x 25' double sided adhesive roll.

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20110701 0676...How to keep an ice chest from sliding forward

20110701 0676...How to keep an ice chest from sliding forward

On road trips the ice chest goes in the left rear corner of my Sienna. I don't want it to slide around, so I immobilize it. In the past I have used a large piece of non-skid fabric placed on the floor to prevent any sliding. That stuff works like a charm, making the ice chest very stable.

But there was a problem: the fabric sticks to the bottom of the ice chest. So if I move the ice chest to another location inside or outside the car, the fabric goes with it. If I want to slide the ice chest into place---often necessary because of the weight of the thing---I can't because the fabric won't allow sliding. And I don't want the fabric on the ground when I drain the chest during a trip. Peeling the big piece of fabric off the ice chest is awkward and difficult.

What to do?

First, I got rid of the large piece of non-skid fabric to eliminate the "peeling" problem. In its place I now use two things: the wood stopper shown in the photo and a small piece of the non-skid fabric.

This photo shows the stopper, which prevents forward movement of the ice chest. It's held in place by two "temporary construction" nails (they have two heads) that extend through the wood stopper and into the plywood floor under the carpeting. The red cord ensures that I don't lose the nails. The blue tape marks the location of the holes drilled in the floor. Even though I drilled through the carpeting, it is very hard to see the holes.

The other element is a small piece of non-skid fabric placed under the rear end of the ice chest. It is about 10 inches (25cm) by six inches (15cm). That size is large enough to immobilize the ice chest but small enough to easily pull out of the way when I lift the rear end of the ice chest before moving it.

I wonder if there is an even simpler solution…

Duct Tape Dress Form 03

Duct Tape Dress Form 03

Tape is applied, first horizontally, then a layer is applied vertically and then a last layer is applied horzontally again.

Things to watch out for:
1. Don't squish the boobs. This is probably the most mentioned tip online so have the person taping you, take their time. Make sure it's someone you are comfortable enough with that you don't mind their feeling you up.
2. Stand somewhere comfortable because you'll be there a while. A nice carpeted survace is good. Wear comfie shoes if you need to.
3. If you are going to include some of your arm, be sure your shoulders stay in a comfortable and natural position. Also, make sure the tape isn't so far up your pits that it makes your fingers go numb (ask me how I know)
4. Don't use nice scissors to cut your duct tape. The glue will muck them up over time.
5. Don't try to apply the duct tape like you are wrapping a cartoon mummy. It seems like you should be able to just wrap the body in one long continuous piece but the truth is that it just compresses everything, while you do it and the tape never lies quite right. Short strips are best.

how to use carpet tape

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